When you select the HireDesk® system, you receive more than award-winning recruitment and hiring software—you gain tailored recruitment and hiring solutions created by industry experts who truly understand talent acquisition and management needs. In addition to the HireDesk system’s sophisticated, intuitive and cost-effective technology designed to help your recruitment and hiring practices contribute to a more productive and profitable business, you’re partnered with a dedicated Services team, committed to ensuring you get the most from your investment, as quickly and as easily as possible.

Partnering to Achieve Your Talent Objectives

The HireDesk system Services team brings a wealth of expertise and resources to your business and talent initiatives. From change management planning, to ensuring your HireDesk solution quickly becomes an integral and successful part of your business operations, through to best-practices and compliance consulting, the Services team is there to help you acquire and manage talent more effectively.

Implementation Services

Key to your solution success is the speed at which you can realize business value and return on your investment. The HireDesk system offers a proven, successful implementation methodology designed to deliver an effective deployment experience.  It all starts with the partnership of your Project Team with the HireDesk system implementation team to define your internal change strategy, the system setup and roll-out plan, and those services you need to ensure deployment success. We then work side-by-side with you to execute on that plan, delivering timely business results while establishing a solid foundation for a successful ongoing partnership.

Implementation services fall into four related areas:

Planning and Activation

A detailed project plan ensures your implementation progresses as quickly and easily as possible, with minimal interruption to your core business. The system is activated to provide you with immediate access, and a responsive feedback system.

Configuration and Data Migration

Mapping your business rules and processes to the HireDesk system results in a solution that supports your unique business needs and conforms to the way you work and run your business. Your valuable talent information is then accurately and securely transferred into the appropriate areas in your HireDesk system.

Portal and Email Integration

Your talent communications need to be seamlessly delivered and in full alignment with your company’s brand. The HireDesk solution includes guidance for how to best integrate the system’s various portals with your existing web presence, as well as the most effective option for setup and management of email communications.

User and Administrator Training

Knowledge transfer of your system setup and configuration capabilities is completed with your designated System Administrator to ensure you’re able to evolve the system with your business needs. Users are then trained on how your business processes have been mapped onto the HireDesk solution for maximum leverage to increase productivity.

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Training Services

The HireDesk system Training Services are ideal for those organizations that want to invest more in upgrading users’ understanding of the HireDesk solution or have more complex operational support needs. We offer these services on a per-project basis, targeted to your unique business needs.

Advanced Training

The HireDesk system offers custom curriculum development, in-person training sessions, and advanced web-delivered training options to help your recruiters and hiring managers fully optimize their HireDesk system experience. We will work with you to design the most effective program for your learning culture and user needs.

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Technical Services

The HireDesk system’s in-house experts are available to help facilitate the more technical aspects of your implementation and provide help as necessary.

Data Services

For more complex data migration projects—to get information either into or out of your system—the HireDesk system offers the following services: data cleaning and normalization, data/relationship mapping, processing of paper-based resumes, custom reports and analytics, and data backups/restoration.

Integration Services

To ensure your business processes and external presence operates seamlessly, we offer integration services to ensure continuance of business workflows and design including talent portal integration, web services development, systems integration, and third-party services integration.

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Your Success is Our Success

The long-term success of your new recruitment and hiring software system in meeting your business objectives is of critical importance to us. We know we must earn your business everyday—and we welcome this challenge. Our priority and focus throughout the course of our relationship is to work with you and your business to achieve its talent goals.

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