Talent Networks & Sourcing

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The Challenge:

How do you source candidates from multiple sources and build talent networks?

Talemetry Match was developed to allow recruiters to find great candidates faster and cheaper than ever before. Simply enter any combination of desired competencies, skills, experience, education, location and then rate the importance of each to ensure you are searching for the ideal candidate for your specific role.

Intelligent semantic (conceptual) search understands not just the word being entered, but also the concept being searched for; no need for long complex Boolean search strings, which may actually filter out good candidates who might not have the exact keyword or phrase you searched for in their resume.
Match then searches your HireDesk applicant tracking system to find candidates you already have on file as well job board databases, social networks, and the open web.

The candidates are ranked in order of best-fit based on the criteria you selected, instantly creating a short-list of the very best talent available. Each candidate’s information is then extracted and formatted into a clean and consistent profile regardless of source, making review and selection faster and easier.

Candidates of interest can easily be saved and organized into folders, creating your own personal talent network. You can leverage these networks for immediate or future talent needs.

Find the best-fit candidates for your specific role
Easily search based on the key attributes of your ideal candidate.

Search your HireDesk system & multiple sources, all at once, all from one place
Multi-source searching allows you to find the best talent across all your sources.

Search millions of candidates and create your talent network
Our intelligent search technology ranks candidates in order of best-fit based and allows you to save them into your talent network.