The HireDesk system was designed to save time and money in all aspects of its utilization, including its technical environment and requirements. The HireDesk system is a fully hosted application that is accessible via any computer with an Internet connection. Delivered and utilized entirely via a web browser, the HireDesk system makes it easy for users to deploy and leverage a powerful application while greatly minimizing IT cost or involvement across the organization. Providing this Software as a Service (SaaS), the HireDesk system helps you keep long-term costs of ownership to a minimum while shortening the time to deploy and benefit from your purchase. The HireDesk system provides constant uptime through a secure and scalable state-of-the-art hosted environment. Using the best in modern computing and servers, you can be sure that your system will provide you the service and support you need to keep all users active—all day, every day.

10 Reasons to Choose the HireDesk System

The HireDesk system goes far beyond traditional Applicant Tracking System capabilities, focusing on what matters most—attracting and identifying better candidates—increasing your quality of hire, while also providing significant advantages in decreased cost-of-hire, reduced time-to-hire, and stronger legal compliance.

1. Attract and Find Better Candidates

Make it simple for “passive” and high quality candidates to create a profile on your company’s website. Provide timely and effective communications to maintain their interest.

2. Constantly Improve Quality of Hire

Go “beyond the resume” to key in on specific competencies and skill sets and reduce the time spent on unqualified candidates. Find quickly those candidates with the “can do” and “will do” qualities you’re looking for.

3. Reduce Turnover and Increase Employee Performance

Assess candidate competencies and fit with your organizational culture. Assess critical analytic abilities and overall “fit” for non-exempt, supervisory, professional, and managerial roles. Identify those likely to stay with your organization—and to contribute—for the long term.

4. Make Hiring Decisions Legally Sound

Gain a consistency of approach, and reduce legal exposure with tools built on job-specific competencies. Track results to monitor legal compliance and identify areas of exposure.

5. Manage Hiring Process Efficiency and Time to Hire

Simplify communications internally and with candidates while automating the traditionally time-intensive processes involved in your hiring system.

6. Leverage Resources and Reduce Your Cost per Hire

Leverage work you’ve already done by quickly locating best-match candidates from your existing applicant pool.

7. Continually Improve Your Hiring Results

Use post-hire performance tracking to continually improve your success in finding the right candidate the first time. Automate the collection and interpretation of data you can use to fine tune your hiring decisions. Produce reports that show senior management how you’re contributing to the bottom line.

8. Work the Way You Want to Work

The HireDesk system allows you to leverage built-in, easy-to-use tools to deploy sophisticated configuration within minutes. The HireDesk ATS is a completely flexible system—easily tailored to one or more business processes and user preferences. The HireDesk system’s advanced configuration includes: custom fields, custom page layouts, personalized page views, flexible workflow, tab and field security, reporting, custom career sites and forms, web integration links, email templates, and more.

9. Value-Based Packaged Pricing

We bundle everything you need in one comprehensive package at one reasonable price, including: software, hosting, candidate assessment content, legal review and advice, implementation and more. You receive everything you need to obtain full value from the get-go, without feeling nickel-and-dimed.

10. Support All Staffing Types Through One Central System

The HireDesk system provides multiple configurations and workflows that support the unique requirements and process variances of several hire types, including executives, exempt/non-exempt, contractors and temporary workers.

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